Recent software of note: Blogsy, Issue Bucket, Portal2, Office365, iPhoneTracker, …

* “iPhoneTracker”: Cool toy to see where you’ve been and feed your feelings of paranoia.
* “Portal 2”: Of course.
* “Qwiki”: I was kind of excited about this, but I can’t make my own Qwikis? Excitement way down.
* “Acorn”: Haven’t bit yet but I’d love something less obtuse than Photoshop.
* “Blogsy”: Seems like a brilliant WordPress front end.
* “Issue Bucket”: Nice little frontend to bitbucket.
* “You Gotta See This”: Stupid little stylized panorama camera app for the iphone. Fun.
* Office365 beta. The individual apps (word, xl, ppt) are nice and well done. The portal gluing them all together with email and calendar is strange and confusing — two URLs, yet another ID different than my existing ID used at all msft sites, an insistence on downloading software. Chalk it up to beta.

Math software sources

Saving for later reference….

* “Netlib”:
* “NIST”:
* “Trilinos”:
* “PETSc”:
* “OpenCL”:
* “Nividia OpenCL”:
* “Apple OpenCL”:
* “NERSC”: ACTS stuff dead?

“Sometimes, the NCAA just makes me want to puke”

Completely totally 100% agree with “this gentleman”:

I don’t understand how anyone with a straight face can propose to generate yet more incremental revenue off the revenue sport athletes, without proposing anything regarding greater compensation for the players. This proposal will generate more money for media companies, for entertainment companies, for advertisers, for the NCAA, for schools. And $0 for the athletes involved. The athletes don’t even get to have a say in the process.


BTW, is running a nice series on “the treatment of players in division 1 revenue sports”: Worth a read. And nice pointes to “”: and the related site “Parents of Players”:

Interesting — Roundest Object, Sonic Black Hole, Relativistic Arbitrage

* “Roundest Object In The World”: I could so bowl 300 with one of these.
* “Sonic Black Hole”: Bring one of these to your next meeting, watch hilarity ensue.
* “Relativistic Statistical Arbitrage”: This is why I would make a crappy day trader, I always forget to include relativistic effects.

Recent books — Cleopatra, Dagmar, Cowboy Angels, Vandermeer

* “Cleopatra: A Life”: amazon by Stacy Schiff. Bio of Cleopatra, with a sympathetic eye. A little long but she lived a fascinating life. 3.5 stars on amazon, 3.56 on Goodreads. I’d say 2.5, just drags on a little too much.

* “Deep State”:amazon by Walter Jon Williams. Terrible. No character or setting depth. Plot choppy. At one point I searched for author’s name on Internet, I assumed he had died and someone finished the book from his notes. The first book with the Dagmar character was good, but this is not. Amazon says 4.5 stars, Goodreads says 3.5, I do not get it.

* “Cowboy Angels”:amazon by Paul McAuley. Many-worlds conspiracy tale, reasonably engaging. Amazon says 3.5 stars, Goodreads says 3.3, OK this book is not going to win prizes, but it was engaging and way better than the book above.

* “City of Saints and Madmen”:amazon by Jeff Vandermeer. Hey I learned the word “farctated” from this book which makes it a 5 star book just on that basis. This is a very odd and compelling fantasy tale set in a very strange city. I love books that play with structure, this was awesome. And the author made his invented taxonomy of freshwater squid a compelling read — that is an achievement. 5 stars. Amazon says 4.5 stars, Goodreads says 4.