Recent Software Trials

* “gfxcardstatus”: to let me fiddle with macbook pro graphics hardware. which is proving to be problematic. Why does the browser (Chrome) require the high end power-consumptive nvidia chip? Seems like this feature of the macbook is a waste if the browser is always going to force the power hungry chip on. OK hmm, this might be just a Chrome issue as Safari is staying on the intel chip. gfxcardstatus is great for examining status and dependencies!
* “techdygest”: Might be a little too digested. But worth a try.
* “daytum”: I want to love this but too hard to get going. There needs to be some easier way to populate it with personal data.
* “socialeyes”: and “dailybooth”: There is something intriguing about the front-facing camera. I suspect there will be a lot more software written around. What will be the first front-facing camera game? (Ignition is an investor)
* “greplin chrome extension”: Search of my content seems super fast, i am intrigued. (Ignition is an investor)