Looking at choices for an electric for use around our property. Basically I think the choice comes down to these:

* “Cunningham”:http://www.cunninghamgolfcar.com/p-225-xrt-850-electric-utility-vehicle.aspx. Lacks a certain spirit, but comes in well under the price of most the others. Basically a golf cart manufacturer, I’d be concerned about torque on crappy surfaces and inclines.
* “X-Treme”:http://www.x-tremescooters.com/utvs/xu3000/xu3000.html. Plenty of attitude but doesn’t really exist yet.
* “Bad Boy Buggies”:http://www.badboybuggies.com/products.php. Perhaps too much attitude — Camo the only paint option. And I think they will come to regret that name.
* “Polaris Ranger EV”:http://www.polarisindustries.com/en-us/ATV-RANGER/2010/Mid-Size-Utility-Vehicles/RANGER-EV/Pages/Overview.aspx. Not the cheapest, might be the way to go tho, you can actually find these at dealers around here.

Lots of other regional choices. A concern I’ve heard is battery life in our moist climate, will be interesting to see how that works out.