Books — The Walls Of The Universe, The Stone Gods, The Right Mistake, Genesis, The Good Guy, Halting State

* “The Walls Of The Universe”:amazon by Paul Melko. Starts out very promising, protagonist and his doppelgänger travelling through a many worlds multiverse, trying to recapture the lives they had. But the deeper emotional themes get swamped by a uninspiring run-of-the-mill conspiracy story. Amazon gives it 4.5 stars, I’d say 3.
* “The Stone Gods”:amazon by Jeanette Winterson. Outrage at humanity’s casual misuse of the planet and each other, despair, a smidgen of hope, with hints of Bradbury, LeGuin, Moorcock. Not my taste at all. Amazon says 4 stars, I’d say 2, but some people like this style.
* “The Right Mistake”:amazon by Walter Mosley. Great collection of stories about a modern day urban Socrates. Uplifting. Amazon says 4 stars with some saying earlier books in the series are better, I haven’t read them, I liked this one just fine.
* “Genesis”:amazon by Bernard Beckett. Modern day retelling of the Genesis story with some twists. Entertaining and thoughtful, short and sweet. Amazon says 4 stars, I’d agree.
* “The Good Guy”:amazon by Dean Koontz. Solid action tale. Ending a bit too pat and the underlying conspiracy a bit too standard, but nice tale up to that point. I expected supernatural from Koontz and was pleased that this book was not supernatural. Amazon says 4 stars, I’m good with that.
* “Halting State”:amazon by Charles Stross. Good cyber adventure. Stross is reliably entertaining. Another 4 star from Amazon, I like this as well as anything in this set, I might say 4.5 stars.