My current iPhone app setup — what am I missing?

On the first page, apps I use every day, multiple times:

* Some of the default Apple apps — Mail, Text, Calendar, Safari (all on the bottom row); Weather, Stocks, Maps, Camera, Calculator (a recent promotion back to the first page, the landscape mode scientific calculator is handy now that I am taking courses at UW again), Settings (purely to switch radio on/off for flights), Clock (for alarm and cooking timing), Phone.
* Facebook, Tweetie, Todo (synched with rememberthemilk for todo list management), Tripit (awesome for quick access to trip details — flight status, checkin codes, etc), WordPress for blogging, OK Amazon is probably going to fall off soon, I don’t do that much ordering while on the iphone.
* 2 Across for nytimes crosswords, and Mafia Wars. Mafia Wars is fun tho the math in the game is kind of whack.

On the second page — apps that i need regular access to, or apps that I am trying out:

* App Store, Shazam (tagging music that I hear on the radio/etc), SmugShot (for access to my photos), MiGhtyDocs (google docs access)
* Kayak and Flight Update tho they are declining is use thanks to the Tripit app
* Pandora tho also declining in use as I am getting new music via other mechanisms
* Trying out: Yelp, Air Sharing, SimpleMindX, FS5 Hockey, FriendCast, fring.

On the third page — apps I keep around because I have to or because I need them occasionally:

* Apple default apps Notes, Contacts, Photos, iTunes, iPod, YouTube. Can’t delete them, they have to go somewhere
* Urbanspoon, GuitarToolkit — great apps but I don’t currently use that often. I tend to use google maps for finding restaurants instead of urban spoon
* Wine Guide, Starmap, Drinks Free, Clinometer, Remote, Google Earth, RTM, Snaptell. All interesting but I rarely find a reason to use. RTM is just not as good as the Todo app

On the fourth page — games that I liked at one point but that are basically ignored now:

* Tetris, Trism, Bejeweled 2. I’ll still play bejeweled every once in a while
* Vector Tanks, iShoot.
* Pb Dreams, Flick Bowling, Monkey Ball, XOFootball.
* Edge, touchPhysics, Koi Pond, Topple, Rolando, newtonica2. All cute.
* Black and White. Pretty poor Othello game.
* Dr. Awesome. Awesome actually.

2 thoughts to “My current iPhone app setup — what am I missing?”

  1. – the apple “HoldEm” game is spectacular.
    – FlightControl is the best $0.99 i have ever spent in my life. highly addictive.
    – Chess With Friends is kick-ass. This is probably the most used app I have next to mail and safari and my Sonos Controller app 🙂
    – If you use gmail, the new web-app is very cool – better than the native client if you care about archive vs. delete.

  2. OK trying out. Though I have to say, I’ve never liked chess, I don’t have the patience. Flightcontrol looks like more my speed. Yes the mobile google interface is quite good.

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