Microsoft Vision Statement on the Decline

Tough observations from a MSFT insider:

Now we have this godawful concoction about experiences, be they compelling, seamless, or plain vanilla. It suffers all the flaws of the second vision, in that it is too vague and subjective, and it also throws in some buzzwords for good measure. If you dip your WTF-sized strainer in this bubbling cauldron of muck, what emerges is “create seamless experiences”. What is THAT supposed to mean? Here’s a seamless experience I just had–I put an SD card in my Vista machine to try to upload them to a website, and it completely failed to do anything at all. It did so very seamlessly, I might add. Furthermore, I was completely unable to figure out how to make it recognize the thing (a scenario which had worked the day before), so it really was a case of a sufficiently advanced technology being indistinguishable from magic (and also being indistinguishable from a kick in the crotch, which may have been the forgotten coda to Arthur C. Clarke’s famous quote). It was also a compelling experience, in that I briefly felt compelled to toss my computer out the window. So I was batting 1.000 on the vision, but I didn’t feel so hot about it. With this to guide us, our vision might get replaced with a future that looks like “a computer in every dumpster and a pissed-off user in every house, cursing Microsoft software”.

Proudly Serving My Corporate Masters: Vision Statements on the Decline.