Yahoo, MSFT

Talking Business – Oh Jerry, It’s No Longer Your Baby – — agree with all of this, very glad I am not a yahoo stockholder —

Besides, even if the deal does win federal approval, you’ve chosen to become a pawn of the most dominant company on the Internet. How exactly is that going to lead to a brighter future for Yahoo?

And here is some tough love for MSFT

As a stock, MSFT is done – stick a fork in it. And not just past and present, which has seen the terrible performance mentioned and is the reason, for example, that the QQQQ underweights MSFT in favor of overweighting AAPL and others (despite its mandate to track the index). I mean moving forward. If you want dividends, there are far better plays. And if want equity appreciation instead, make a list of MSFT’s top competitors, throw a dart at it, and invest in whoever you hit.

Lots of interesting views in there. Getting past the GOOG obsession is probably the most important one.