Monthly Archives: May 2008

Inside the F1 scandal

Here at another racetrack this weekend, this is great reading about the F1 spying scandal last year. The amount of money in racing is phenomenal — and anytime you have that much money sloshing around, nefarious sh$t is going to happen.

Nick Parker of Cantrell Motorsports

Bumped into Nick in the pits, driving a car owned by Cantrell Motorsports of Kirkland with a Windows Live sponsorship. Nick was super gracious, let us get a picture in the car, and even offered to take on J as a garage worker tomorrow — a clear step up from flag duty! Someone once said “90% of life is just showing up” and boy is that true.

WIFI at Miller Motorsports Park

OK this has been a little rocky. First, some of the teams have their own private nets set up in the pits and you can glom onto those sometimes.

Otherwise, the Clubhouse has WIFI — free if you are a clubhouse member, $15 a day otherwise!! Nothing is free here at Miller. Once you are past that hurdle, you have to get on. In theory they let any device on and force you to a webpage where you enter a provided password and ID. Worked ok on my iphone. However, simply will not work on my MacBook — I can never get an address from DHCP.

So…I logged on with the iPhone, cloned the settings over on my Mac with a static address setup, switched off WIFI on the iPhone, and turned on WIFI on the MacBook. Tada!

I am betting not many people use the WIFI connection…

UPDATE: works better with Firefox3 RC1. I have to wade thru a bunch of insane invalid cert dialogs but i can get to the web login page on the mac. doesn’t work in safari tho.

American LeMans at Miller Motorsports Park

My god what a facility — brand spanking new, huge, a variety of viewing from plain bleachers to delux clubhouse. Great views from all kinds of places. And the pit activity today is fascinating with 3-4 classes of cars all mixing it up. Worth the trip.

Getting rid of an HP4550

I had an HP4550 printer for years that I picked up at a liquidation event. It has been a workhorse but it died in the last 6 months, some ugly hardware problem. The cost to fix would have been 4x the cost of new printer so I just decided to junk it. The problem is, it is huge and weighs like 100 lbs and the recycling guys would have laughed at it. So I spent sunday taking it apart — taking every screw out, every piece apart. My gosh I now understand why this thing was so freaking expensive, hundreds and hundreds of screws and parts. It is now a giant pile of scrap metal and plastic that I can fit in the recycling bin and get rid of. I have new appreciation for the recyclers of the world.