Recent Books

The Kindle has clearly helped me push my reading pace up. Particularly for classics which are cheap. I am at the point now where I look first for Kindle versions, and only occasionally buy non-Kindle books.

* “The Scarlet Pimpernel”:amazon. A rousing tale of adventure and deception and love. Great for all ages, wish I’d discovered when I was young. OK there are some misogynistic and racial threads in here that are clearly dated but still a good tale.
* “Siddhartha”:amazon by Hesse. Something about Hesse’s voice really appeals to me. Perhaps it is just the eastern philosophy. Perhaps I needed some peace in the aftermath of the BCS championship game. But still this is a simple but deep book. Contrast this with most of the bestselling selfhelp and business dreck out there.
* “The Importance of Being Earnest”:amazon by Oscar Wilde. Sure I’ve seen productions of, but this is still a very readable play. 10x better than most of the romantic comedy cruft that we see on film.
* “Person of Interest”:amazon by Theresa Schwegel. Good story about an undercover cop and how his secrecy has pervaded and corroded his entire family. Eventually there is redemption but not without a lot of pain on the way. The first third drug on a little but helped to establish the mood of the latter parts of the book.