Pre-reading for the huskies this weekend

For all my Ohio friends, some links to get you ready for the game this weekend:

* University of Washington Huskies sports: news, scores and features | Seattle Times Newspaper — Seattle Times main page. Lewis is Pac-10 defensive player of the week, Willingham thinks this is his fastest team yet out here.
* Seattle Times sports blog.. Still tickets available
* Husky forums. Very gentile, lots of “thank yous” and “nice post”. No one casting any aspersions about inbreeding, deviant sexual behaviour, etc
* PI Homepage. Nice compact page. Locker jerseys are selling fast; huskies doing well on turnover margin (unlike the buckeyes)
* PI blog. The Huskies look good re injuries, everyone looks ready to go
* Huskies fanblog

Should be fun!