iphone annoyances

* I really need this — The Missing Sync for iPhone – Synchronize Mac OS X and iPhone — it is a bummer notes on the iphone don’t sync with anything useful
* the new itunes store network connection in starbucks is a terrible implementation. Since i am not a paid user of the tmobile network, when i walk in a starbucks now, the itunes store lights up, but every other website dies because the tmobile connection is limited to the itunes store. this is terrible, i can’t sit in a starbucks now and just browse the web, unless i go futz with network settings. really stupid. drives me out of the starbucks store.
* lack of select/copy/paste functionality in text fields is terrible
* really needs a todo list app

Stuff I want but do not need — gear edition

* Fujifilm Professional Photography – Products – Cameras – Digital Cameras: Fujifilm IS Pro — UV and IR photography, awesome.
* Blaupunkt car stereo accepts flash media — this seems pretty cool.
* Infolink GE phone — landlines start to catch up finally with cell phones for data services
* Car power strip — pretty handy. And plug one of these flashlights into one of the sockets.
* Sliding bolt combo lock. No more keys for the shed.
* Red One digital videocamera. Clearly overkill for anything I will ever do in my life.
* One headset to rule them all — skype, landline, cell. I am actually confused how this really works but seems cool.
* A bizarre little lamp from philips
* Night vision monocular

Pre-reading for the huskies this weekend

For all my Ohio friends, some links to get you ready for the game this weekend:

* University of Washington Huskies sports: news, scores and features | Seattle Times Newspaper — Seattle Times main page. Lewis is Pac-10 defensive player of the week, Willingham thinks this is his fastest team yet out here.
* Seattle Times sports blog.. Still tickets available
* Husky forums. Very gentile, lots of “thank yous” and “nice post”. No one casting any aspersions about inbreeding, deviant sexual behaviour, etc
* PI Homepage. Nice compact page. Locker jerseys are selling fast; huskies doing well on turnover margin (unlike the buckeyes)
* PI blog. The Huskies look good re injuries, everyone looks ready to go
* Huskies fanblog

Should be fun!

Microsoft Windows Search Indexer stopped working and was closed

Not sure why Vista decided it needed to tell me this, but this forum provides tips on fixing — Microsoft Windows Search Indexer stopped working and was closed – Tech Support Forum — basically you have to manually delete all the temporary working files for search. You’d think Vista could do that for you. Possibly related to the fact that my reliability index is 1.97 and I am getting multiple blue screens a day — thanks BioShock.

Ignition blog posts of note (or related blog content)

* Awesome Local Deals Content in Seattle & Atlanta at Starting Up by Rahul Pathak — Rahul talks about latest Judy’s Book release — the content is starting to vastly improve…
* Phil’s Blackberry app gets some good press coverage\
* The opportunity for Network Magic — home networks are just way too frickin’ complicated
* Marine forecasts for the San Juans — thanks Rich
* Rich also on how to read charts … I learned all this as a kid on Georgian Bay but a good refresher
* Brett finds the best guide to the west coast trail — good luck brett!

Consumers Against Higher Interest Rates

I don’t know what R-67 is, but I’ve seen this group — Consumers Against Higher Insurance Rates — running numerous inflammatory ads against it. Google reveals that one of these “consumers” is State Farm, who has given $284K to the campaign. Another is Professional Insurance Agents of Washington. Here’s the whole list — note that it is free for individuals to join, and they have a damn small list. And I wonder how many of these are employees/members of the insurance industry companies/groups?

The duplicity of this campaign pretty much convinces me to vote for R-67, whatever it is.

UPDATE: OK I don’t know why this ticks me off so much, something about these monied interests wrapping themselves in the cloak of consumerism. You can browse all the group’s filings here — you will quickly see that real washington consumers have donated maybe $300 while insurance companies (mostly out of state) have donated millions and millions of dollars to this campaign. The group founders are not consumers but come from this tort reform group. Here’s some Seattle news coverage about the media buying from earlier this summer.