More Stuff I Want But Don't Need

* Toolmonger ? Blog Archive ? Mark On Wet And Oily Surfaces With Stanley’s New Marker — ok this might actually be useful at halloween time when I am working outdoors a lot. I wonder how it works on slimy mossy surfaces.
* Laser-guided scissors. Lasers AND sharp blades, awesome.
* Noise cancelling windows. So like, if you try to have a conversation in a room with these, does the sound just disappear?
* Programmable hose timer. Another thing I could actually use at Halloween to control flow of water to my fog system.
* leatherman for the garden. Because I am such a horticulturist.
* Quick prototyping material — seems like another useful Halloween product. Not cheap though.
* Ruggedized flash drive. Flash drives are moving from the utility to the fashion accessory category.
* Mobile basketball hoop. I am sure there is a whole post to write about “what to do with your trailer hitch that you never use”
* Brushed aluminum keyboard. Awesome
* Umbrellas for windy weather.
* Programmable hair. Strange.

HD Hard Disk videocams

I’m really wanting one of these such as the JVC GZ-HD7 Everio 60GB Hard Disk Drive HD Camcorder — tho the NYTimes review today pee’d all over its image stabilization which seems like a real problem. The other mentioned in the article, the Sony, saves the video in some goofy format apparently which will create a pain of its own sort. I’ve been using my old camera a lot recently and transferring the video from tape to pc or dvd is such a pain, i am really motivated to move ahead, but not sure either of these cameras is the right jump.