Recent Books

On the materials science front:

* “Solid State Physics”:amazon by Ashcroft/Mermin. One of the standard texts. OK.
* “Introduction to Solid State Physics”:amazon by Kittel. Another standard text. I liked it a little better.
* “Physics of Semiconductor Devices”:amazon by Sze/Ng. I liked a lot better, this one is more application oriented.
* “Group III Nitride Semiconductor Compounds”:amazon, editted by Gil. Really just a collection of papers. Only for Group III Nitride aficionados.

And then, throwaway reads just to purge my brain:

* “Seeker”:amazon by McDevitt. Your standard deep space science fiction tail. Won’t harm you brain, diverting.
* “I Shouldn’t Even Be Doing This”:amazon by Bob Newhart. Love Newhart. No kiss and tell secrets in here, but harmless and diverting.