Halloween Surround Status

2nd surround system up and running. My first system is basically for thunder and lightning and is fully operational. This second system is for the primary graveyard locale and will have a lot of graveyardish sounds panning across the space. I’m driving from a PC using the Creative Audigy2zs, hooked up to a Pioneer Electronics – VSX-516-K/S – 7.1 A/V receiver with Sound Retriever (picked up as an open box unit at best buy) driving 5.1 speakers. A little mysterious how to get surround working, not as nice a config utility as the turtle beach card. And then the receiver was just plain mysterious. I had to do a “reset” to finally get it to emit 5.1 sounds — hold down the tone button, the power button for 3 seconds, then enter and then setup. i can imagine why this unit got returned to best buy, it tries to be so smart about deciding what source and output mode to use, but i think it gets wedged into misconfigs. Reset is your friend.