Halloween Sound Creation

This halloween I want to put a little more effort into some of my sound tracks. I’ve generally been using just selected tracks from various SFX CDs, all burned to mix CDs that I play at various locations.

This year I want to invest a little more in crafting some sounds. First, i really like Pimpf from Depeche Mode’s Music for the Masses as a basic graveyard tune. I’m using Sony ACID Music Studio to add some reverb and phasing to the music to increase it’s general creepiness. And then mixing in some wind and some howling wolves. Sounds great, this is my first time diving into mixing and track editing and I have to say the Sony software is pretty approachable.

I will probably upgrade to Sony Media Software – ACID Pro 6 as I next want to create some sounds that will pan across my courtyard — a moaning ghost for instance.

Update: Mixing a lot of sounds tonight. The most reliably creepy effect is to mix together two copies of the same exact track, one shifted up a half note. Turns even the most pleasant tune into a creepy mess.