2 thoughts to “Fluke LVD1 Volt Light”

  1. yes these are handy little tools.

    one thing i have noticed with them tho’ is that when working on an older building with knob-and-tube wiring they can give misleading results.

    if you isolate a k&t curcuit and wave one of these over the outlet, it may still beep at you. but if you plug an appliance in, it won’t turn on. why? well, if you take a volt-meter to the pins of the outlet, you’ll see some very low voltage – maybe 13v or so. This is because it was common for k&t circuits to share the same neutral, and you can be ‘backfeed’ from other circuits down the neutral wire.

  2. interesting. i have also noticed that it gives so-so results in my office — 3 computers, 2 monitors, lots of other EMF emitters — apparently it confuses the sensor.

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