Logitech g5 mouse and g15 keyboard

To match my new sli pc, i updated to gaming-optimized input devices — the g5 mouse and g15 keyboard. The keyboard is cool — the little lcd display during games is very cool. I’ve seen this keyboard in action for months and finally had to get one. The mouse is also cool — the adjustable weights are awesome — i am running in the heaviest config right now but will see where i end up.

One huge beef tho — the lack of certified drivers. Not that I am anal about certification, it is just that install is a PITA as you have to wade thru a sea of warnings from MSFT that these drivers will make your PC break out in hives. Logitech is a big company, MSFT is a big company, why can’t they get their heads together and get this solved?

I'm behind on Ignition news

* Congrats to the Judy’s Book team on their site relaunch. A new look — the new page for nonmembers is great. The ability to simultaneously post to JB and to your blog is awesome — rich has been doing a lot of. I’m way behind Rich on posting volume but working to ratchet my rate up. (I’m on the board of directors).
* Congrats to the Qiming team for the launch of their first fund. An Ignition partnership, some of my partners will be spending a LOT of time there. John discusses, Rich discusses.

Career counsel

Reading Jason’s post on 8 things to craft your career and john’s on “can you tell me what your job is in 3 seconds” caused me to reflect back on some lessons I learned early in my career.

A very smart colleague at Booz-Allen gave me two simple rules to help me in guiding my career:

* Work on a business that is critical to the enterprise in which you work. Read the annual report of your company — does it talk about your business a lot, does it care about your business, does your business contribute a substantial profit to the enterprise? If so, the company will invest in and protect the business, and you will personally get support and challenges. If on the other hand the company doesn’t really care about your business — then you will be under-resourced, under-supported, and you may very well find your business shut down or sold some day.
* You can either make things, or sell things. These are the two sources of enduring value in a business. And I am using a broad definition of “make” — i mean you have to be involved in creating the core value of the business — whether that be making products or providing a service. These are the functions that have to happen no matter what in a business. Every other function is subject to the vagaries of internal politics, bureaucracy, cost-cutting pressures, and other unpredictable forces — and thus is it hard to control your career path.

Following these rules always presented me with opportunities, challenges, responsibilities, and chances for career mobility. A whole separate discussion can be had about whether you want an aggressively upwardly mobile career-building job at all points in your life — you probably don’t — but if you do, these are reasonable simple guidelines.

Analyzing college football

It pains me to link to the blog of an obvious Michigan fan, but he has earned my admiration: “Also: I’m taking requests. I have a database of most plays/drives that happened in D-I last year. If you’ve got any ideas as to how to use it, I’m listening. If you know SQL and would like to try something out yourself (Bueller? Bueller?), I can give you a public login.” Studly.

Michigan still sucks but this guy is cool.

Re-ripping everything lossless

After expunging the Netgear SC101 disaster from my network, I found that I had lost about 10% of my ripped CDs — notably all my Led Zep.

So time to rerip. After reviewing all of Rich’s goodness on codecs, I decided it was time to go lossless. On my new WidowPC rig, I installed:

* dbpoweramp for ripping
* the flac codec for lossless support
* accuraterip to help insure correct ripping

So starting the process now. Will take months to complete as a background task. Glad I still have all the cds around. I rip to flac for longterm storage, and then convert to mp3 so that the ipod and other devices can deal with. Really not much more painful than ripping straight to mp3 — dbpoweramp does a pretty good job at batch conversion.