Books 11/7

Not much reading in the last month due to Halloween. But I got a couple in:

* “Olympus by Dan Simmons”:amazon. Probably more enjoyable if you know greek myth and shakespeare inside and out. An ok tale. Still wishing that Dan would produce something like “Hyperion”:amazon again — the Shrike is one of the greatest beings in science fiction.
* “Hot Property by Pat Choate”:amazon. Good retrospective of IP systems. I was uninformed about the large differences in patent systems across different countries, and how the patent systems in other lands are not designed to protect inventors as much as they are designed to further industrial policy. Made me a stronger supporter of ip protection. Not sure how I really feel about the nationalistic tone in the book, I’d like to see a more global view of IP policy.

For the buckeye fan who has everything

OK you don’t need another sweatshirt or t-shirt. You have 7 varieties of caps. You have the windbreaker. The flag. The posters, the books. The marching band records. The foam finger. A Brutus costume. The “Muck Fichigan” pin. So what do you need? Some fine ideas from the alumni mag:

* The Fossil watch. Ok not that exotic.
* The scarlet or gray blazer. Always in fashion.
* The popcorn tin. (Hey Marion, how did you let this business slip to some company in Virginia? Marion is the popcorn capital of the world!)
* The marching band miniatures.
* Not one, but two varieties of Buckeye Coffee — Ohio State Varsity Blends or Drinkstorm. Particularly apropo for Seattle area residents like me.
* Coffee cups and other pottery at Hartstone Pottery
* A buckeye carpet. This would look great in the living room.
* A buckeye park bench. And here is your living room furniture.
* And a mural for the wall — won’t they wonder about our civilization 1000 years from now when they dig this up.
* Buckeye Crunch cereal — the breakfast of true champions.
* Or a trip to an exotic part of the world with a group of alums — Alumni Tours. Nothing says buckeye pride like a trip down the Nile.

Enjoy! And I will accept any and all of these for the holidays.