Ignition Blog Roundup 9/26

* Phil thinks it would be great to listen to podcasts on his cellphone. Totally agree. I would listen to like 10x as many if I could use the cell.
* Phil talks about Jobster’s culture and how they encourage innovation — lifting the 20% idea from Google.
* Phil on the latest features in Berry411. I fyou have a blackberry and don’t have berry411, get going!

Maybe this entry should just be called “keeping up with phil”. Oh wait, Rich on online sites for trading in mileage points. Good stuff, I have a lot of idle miles.

Business readings

* Subvert from within — great tips on how to remain focused on the customer, even within a large org. Totally relevant to team members in orgs of all sizes. (from geekman.com)
* Google’s use of prediction markets internally. I wonder how many participants you need to make this work well.
* NetworthIQ. If this was done in depth, allowing users to compare investment strategies and particular investments, that’d be pretty powerful.
* A VC’s view of web2.0 investing. Good points. Like the observation that these services can be built and trialed very inexpensively. That seems like the right first step to me — no point in investing huge gobs of time and dollars if no one cares about an initial quick implementation.
* Same guy on games investing“Despite the incredible market size numbers, gaming, as a category, hasn’t produced many significant wins for venture investors. I think this will change as the underlying technology continues to improve and as people–not just kids–spend an increasing amount of time and dollars playing games.”