Ludwig II of Bavaria, the Swan King

Just finished this bio of Ludwig II. Probably mostly of interest to folks with my name and heritage (tho my ancestors left Germany long before the events of Ludwig II’s life), but it was pretty fascinating. His patronage of Wagner, of architecture, his erratic behaviour, the plot against him, his mysterious death — a lot of interesting threads. I’m more motivated to visit Bavaria now…


Good article about Computers in the NFL | Gadgetopia — there is a lot of science involved in the game. Also a great pullout section in yesterday’s WSJ on the state of the NFL — why it has been successful to date (versus the other pro leagues) and the upcoming economic stresses on the league. Wish I could link to it but it is behind the WSJ sub wall. Worth reading if you can get your hands on it tho, there is a point of view that the days of revenue-sharing are ending, and the league faces the risk of becoming more like MLB or the NBA.

Things I've noticed recently

John Battelle’s Searchblog: Amazon Gives A9 Users a Discount – clever way to motivate use.

Firefox gets to 1 million downloads – are we really going to see browser competition again?

Wikipedia surpasses 1M article – fantastic, I’m embarrassed I haven’t contributed to any yet.

VMWare Ace – I’d use this at home for all the machines that the rest of the family uses…

Ad serving for games – what a great idea, look at how many minutes a month a user spends in front of a game…

Lies to protect the status quo.

Nugent for Heisman

From – Writers – Stewart Mandel: A clear winner in the SEC-ACC debate – Sunday September 19, 2004 9:14PM:

2. Considering the seemingly unprecedented rash of missed extra points and other seismic choke-jobs by kickers, there may not be a more valuable player in the country than Ohio State’s Mike Nugent. A week after hitting the game-winning, 55-yard field goal to beat Marshall, Nugent went 5-for-5 (from 50, 47, 46, 33 and 30 yards) on a soaking-wet field in the Buckeyes’ 22-14 win over N.C. State. Nugent has been doing this for three years now, earning All-America honors in 2002 when he hit 25 of 28 attempts and following it up with a 16-of-19 junior season and 8 of 9 so far this year (the only miss coming from 50 yards). Is it any coincidence that during the same time span Ohio State, despite often struggling terribly on offense (it managed just 137 yards against the Wolfpack), is 28-2?

Thumbs Up to Moen

One of our faucets is busted, and Moen handles this so well — they walk you through a process to identify your faucet and then they send you the parts you need, free of charge. Great experience.

Thumbs down to streetkeys

I previously blogged that i was going to try to get a replacement key. well don’t bother, they don’t really seem to be able to offer the service they promise. without ever explaining why, they refunded our money and told us “we can’t help you”. We have to get a key the hard way now — have the car towed to a dealership and have the key cut and matched at the dealership. Sad.

Kevin is the man!

Dude, you must not be married. From NCAA College Football – TV schedule for 09/18, here is Kevin’s TV plan for the weekend:

bq.. Well, with four Tivo’s running on 8 sat inputs, it looks like this:

Fri: UConn/BC
Sat: Nebraska/Pitt (T1)
Maryland/WVU (T2)
Duke/Va Tech (T3)
TCU/Texas Tech (T4)
Marshall/UGA (T5)
Ohio State/NC State (T1)
Oregon/OU (T6)
LSU/Auburn (T2)
Wisconsin/Zona (T7)
UCLA/Washington (T3)
Notre Dame/Michigan State (T4)
Clemson/Texas A&M (T5)
Florida Tennessee (T6)
Boise State/UTEP (T1)
Minnesota/Colorado State (T7)