Zensys Z-Wave

Per PCMag, Zensys Z-Wave is Home Automation that Works. I’m going to order a kit and try it out — it can’t be any worse than x-10 — i generally don’t use x-10 at halloween time because the robustness and latency is just not up to snuff. But maybe this will be better.

Turn Commodity into Scarcity

A VC: Turning Commodity Into Scarcity — great insight — it is a core challenge for many businesses large or small — I remember back in the days when I worked in MSN, where the ad sales team worked hard to turn the huge inventory of unsold ad space into limited run special opportunities — “be one of our 5 Valentine’s Day partners”, “be one of our 3 premier blah-blah partners” — great work by that team to turn excess into scarcity. A great basic business lesson.