Good article about Computers in the NFL | Gadgetopia — there is a lot of science involved in the game. Also a great pullout section in yesterday’s WSJ on the state of the NFL — why it has been successful to date (versus the other pro leagues) and the upcoming economic stresses on the league. Wish I could link to it but it is behind the WSJ sub wall. Worth reading if you can get your hands on it tho, there is a point of view that the days of revenue-sharing are ending, and the league faces the risk of becoming more like MLB or the NBA.

Things I've noticed recently

John Battelle’s Searchblog: Amazon Gives A9 Users a Discount – clever way to motivate use.

Firefox gets to 1 million downloads – are we really going to see browser competition again?

Wikipedia surpasses 1M article – fantastic, I’m embarrassed I haven’t contributed to any yet.

VMWare Ace – I’d use this at home for all the machines that the rest of the family uses…

Ad serving for games – what a great idea, look at how many minutes a month a user spends in front of a game…

Lies to protect the status quo.