Office 2003 STE

As rich mentions, Office Student and Teacher Edition is the way to go for home use of Office. $149 list, permission to install on 3 machines. So $50 a machine, and what do you get? Well the most visible improvement I see is outlook — outlook 2003 with newsgator is a pretty good way to read all my rss feeds.

Playing around with my vonage service

I’m curious to know what I can do with my Cisco ATA Voip interface box provided by Vonage. Shawn Djernes has a little how-to on getting to the web interface, tho I am worried that Vonage has password-protected it. Here’s a hack from last year that might let me in, I don’t know what firmware I have tho. Anyone have any recos on how to look into the box?

Update: some more good links over on dslreports like this guide to configuring the cisco ata186.

Well dang, none of these work, because they are all specific to version 2.14 or lower of the firmware and i am on version 2.16. Still digging…

Update: the cisco site has some more documentation on…seems like maybe i should try accessing the device thru the IVR and perhaps opening up the device for web config.

Tivo Cache Card

Pre-order a TiVo Cache Card | PVRblog — gosh I would love one of these but…I just can’t afford the risk of messing with our Tivo box. It is the most mission-critical piece of technology in our house, if I screw it up, I will catch a raft of shit. I can screw up printers, servers, individual PCs, DVD players, whatever, and generally the crowd will be tolerant. But if I screw up Tivo, I am sleeping on the couch.

QFC and the food bank

This time of year I really appreciate QFC’s support of the needy — they make it incredibly easy to pick up a prepackaged $5 or $10 bag of groceries for the local foodbank. Every time I am in the store I grab one of these bags, it is a great and easy way to provide some help.