The Time Traveler's Wife Books: The Time Traveler’s Wife (Today Show Book Club #15) — wow, wow, wow! This is a great book. The story of a life-long relationship between a man suffering from random time travel events and his wife, and the effects that this situation has on their relationship. Just a wonderful story — great characters, a beautiful relationship. While time travel is a part of the story, the book doesn’t go over old time-travel ground but rather focuses on the relationship and how it evolves and develops. A great holiday gift.

Larry Collins — The Road to Armageddon

Needed some escapist reading and picked up The Road to Armageddon by Larry Collins based on a reco I read somewhere. What a piece of junk. Absolutely no style in his writing whatsoever. Nothing evocative at all. Uni-dimensional characters. Incredibly slow start. The pace picks up a little and I managed to get through the book but basically a piece of crap. Oh and a right-wing apologist theme all the way through; I am a little right of center myself but this was transparent and just plain painful to read. Even the binding on this book is crappy, like it came from a vanity press, not a commercial publisher.

Social Software research

Not sure I am really a believer in Social Software as a space, but Ross has a great collection of links if you want to get educated. I guess I just don’t think average people will ever go out and say “I need to get me some social software today”. People will use point solutions for staying in touch with family, friends, workgroups, potential dates, etc. But these solutions will be dominated by the application (“finding a potential match”, “workgroup collaboration”), not by social software.