Microsoft Links is a Dog

I bought Links 2003 and installed recently, wanted to see what state of the art in golf games was. This can’t be it. Buggy as crap — hard to finish a round without a crash. And compared to a modern 3d accelerated game (Battlefield 1942, Unreal Tournament, etc), this is such a slow game. It renders a static background, a player moving, and a little white ball flying thru the air — a pathetic amount of motion and detail compared to one of these other games. And yet it takes Links sometimes as much as a minute to render the next scene. What is it doing?

Tiger Woods 2003 is reputedly a better game.

Our Own Personal Terror Alert

We’ve raised our own personal terror alert to Blue — we are “guarded”. We had three police cars in our driveway this morning, after 3-4 young people celebrating a 21st birthday got out of hand, broke into the boat locker in the park next door, stole a canoe, landed at our dock, and wandered thru our yard to the street at 6:45am. Unfortunately they parked their car at the park, and were nicely caught on a security camera, so they spent the remainder of the day in jail.


I need to get smarter about SHN — Some SHN Resources looks like a place to start. I have plenty of storage, I’d like to start ripping my CDs in SHN format rather than a lossy format.

Total Guy Fest Saturday

First down to Orting to meet up with Adrian and watch some rockets fire. Some crappy weather, I couldn’t stay long enough to see Adrian’s rocket, but we saw lots of other cool rockets.

Lunch at Burger King. They have new chicken tenders in the shapes of stars and lightning bolts. I don’t even want to think about what we were really eating.

Then Paintball at Splat Attack — a great place, nice people. A little hard to find — print out the directions and follow them religiously, and have your windows rolled down so you can hear the rat-a-tat-tat of the guns.

Our Kids Are Way Ahead Of Us

At Weblogg-ed Vol.2: Using Weblogs in Education, it’s noted from a Pew study that our kids are way ahead of the schools in using the internet — They’re “far ahead of their teachers and principals in taking advantage of online educational resources” – such as weblogs – the report concludes. Boy no kidding, you don’t have to sit around kids long to see how they take to the internet like ducks to water. Their use is more pervasive and deeper than the bulk of educators. I would love to get involved with designing course material that really pushes the kids on their internet use — most of the time, I think the kids are just coasting, they are so far ahead of the school’s expectations in terms of using the net resources.

Cingular vs AT&T on spectrum alloc

Cory Doctorow points to public comments on FCC discussions about some spectrum realloc. I like his description of the Cingular and ATT positions — I think that the contrast between Cingular and AT&T is especially striking here. AT&T is saying, yeah, we’re a telco, this is gonna gore our ox, so we’ve gone out and bought a different ox. Cingular is saying, dammit, that’s our ox, where do you get off goring it?

Xbox Music Mixer

Huh, the || musicmixer is developed by our friends at WildTangent. Certainly the xbox would be a more fun media receiver than the hp media receiver or the sony box. The description of the xbox product makes it sound like i am going to have to manually copy a bunch of stuff to the xbox, I hope that is not the case.

Harmony SST-768 Remote

I received my new Harmony Remote last night.

This has real promise. Excepting my RCA Scenium DVD/PVR combo, the website knew all my devices. and it had a reasonable guess for the dvd. So getting a working config gen’ed up for my system was quite simple and painless.

The infrared emitter seems to have a nice wide field, I don’t have to be super exact on pointing it towards my stack of gear.

The activity based commands work great so far. When I tell the device I want to watch tv, it turns on my amp, monitor, and dss/tivo box automagically.

The on-remote channel listing and program guide doesn’t seem to be that valuable, i have to play with it more. And I haven’t yet played with all the tivo-specific scenarios — set up a recording, watch something from my hard disk, etc.

But so far I am liking it. And unlike the pronto, I can see my family using this control, they like hard buttons.

Paintball around Seattle

We’ve been getting into paintball a little. Just finding a field in the seattle area is tricky. There are a lot of really stale pointers to fields on the web. Splat Attack appears to be the place to play south of town. STP is the place north of town.
A “paintball portal” for the northwest is PaintballNW.